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Perpetuation Funding, LLC provides business acquisition, perpetuation and capitalization financing. Our loan products are managed by the Springtree Group. We have 12 different lending programs custom built for businesses. Because of the many different issues that come up with buyers and their needs, we found it necessary to have a number of different lenders in our group. There can be strong differences with our lenders between interest rates, amortization periods, prepayment practices, size of loans given, Credit Score tolerances, classification of business type and the list goes on. One consistency is the fact that they all understand and lend to businesses meeting various criteria.

Our work surrounds managing the different lending companies for our clients, provide field underwriting services, integration of the loan with the acquisition deal structure if that is the goal, all in the effort of providing the best loan package under the best terms for our clients in any given deal.

The rule of thumb that we openly and clearly communicate with our clients is that if they can find an interest rate for these types of loans at 6.5% or better and want to run the process themselves, we encourage them to do so. Our clients tell us that our ability to custom build loans and leverage rates, terms and conditions for their benefit compensates for the .5% many times over.

Concerning closing costs, each underwriter has a slightly different algorithm they use to develop these factors. These expenses are in addition to our consulting charges. These total costs are articulated in the proposals that are issued by each underwriting team and would be approved and agreed to by you prior to moving forward.

Premium Finance Associates

In need of insurance premium financing? Our purpose is to provide superior insurance premium financing services for the property and casualty agent. Insurance premium financing can earn income for agents and maximize cash flow for companies. Premium Finance Associates offers the best premium finance options to agents.

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The Springtree Group

The Springtree Group is a company of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs. We offer a full spectrum of Mergers & Acquisition, lending and financial performance services and products to the Insurance Community.

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