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August 30, 2015
Bob is 61 years old. Sometime soon, Bob is going to have to look at either selling his business via acquisition or passing it down to family or inside management through perpetuation.
At Perpetuation Funding, we offer Bob smooth transition in ownership. We traditionally offer 10 year amortization with no prepayment penalties. The process starts with our Loan Intake Form...
July 9, 2015
Twenty five years have passed and your vision is now a reality. Long hours, hard work, careful planning, many sacrifices, valuable business advisers and an evolving business plan all have contributed to the success of your thriving business. However, there is another plan that is in place to carry your business through many ups and downs. This plan will continue to carry your business long after you...
July 4, 2015
PF - Perpetuation Funding mainly specializes in financing business Acquisition and Perpetuation. As our population ages since the WW2 baby boom, the age of the average business owner is just over 60. So the time for implementing perpetuation planning is NOW. The good news is that Perpetuation Funding can help most service related business owners plan for an effective and...
June 27, 2015
There are a variety of reasons insurance agents and service related businesses need capital for acquisition, perpetuation and capitalization. In this article, we will concentrate on AGE. The average business owner is 61 years old. It is estimated that over 2,000,000 small businesses will be listed for sale in the next 3-7 years. Baby boomers...
April 2, 2015
Perpetuation Funding, jointly owned by Bill Friend and Sam Patterson, works with service related businesses to supply the FUNDING needed for Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization. The average age of business owners is approaching 60 years old. The baby boomers are quickly entering retirement or it's just around the corner.
January 28, 2015
Acquisition Funding
Perpetuation Funding works with professional service related industries such as Accountants, Insurance Agencies, Medical, Dental and Veterinarian Practices in funding the Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization of these businesses. As the larger age segment of our population (baby boomers) averages 60 years old, many owners are looking to sell their businesses to inside...
January 18, 2015
As we market Acquisition, Perpetuation and Capitalization funding directly to insurance agents, we also are marketing PERPETUATION FUNDING to financial planners for businesses. The average business owner is 60 years old approaching retirement. Very soon business owners are going to have to decide who is going to continue operating the company after they step down. Inside management,...
January 2, 2015
Most businesses owners will go directly to their banker to negotiate loans for Acquisition and/or Perpetuation. They will go weeks and sometimes months only to find that their banker cannot close the loan for various reasons including securitization or credit history.
Most business owners selling their companies are in their 60's and 70's while...
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